The Technology Department has been made aware of an update released by Google that is impacting how you visit certain websites.

What is the issue?
An error message with the title Your connection is not fully secure is appearing when accessing some websites that are in fact safe to visit, as shown in the image below.

Why is this issue occurring?
Google (and other software companies) are releasing updates to their internet browsers that require websites to hold a more secure certificate than what they were previously required to have. This update has been released before many websites have had the opportunity to upgrade their security certificates to a more secure version, causing users to receive the error mentioned above.

How can I resolve this issue?
If you trust that the website you are visiting is safe and are receiving the error mentioned above, you can safely proceed to the website by selecting the Advanced and then Proceed anyway link in Google Chrome. If you are using another browser, the buttons may appear slightly differently.

Should I be concerned when visiting a website presenting this error?
As long as you trust the website you are visiting, you should be safe to proceed as normal. If you have concerns about the website you are visiting, please either contact the owner of the website or reach out to the Technology Department.