Posts are a great way to share information, promote upcoming events, or highlight achievements. To create your first post, watch the short video or follow the steps below. 

Create a New Post

  1. From Home, click New Post.
  2. To field: enter name of class, group, grade, or school you want to send your message to.
  3. Who should see this? section: filter your recipients even further. If you want teachers and staff associated with your class or grade level to be able to read your post, please send to staff as well as parents. 
  4. Subject: enter subject of message. 
  5. Description: use the text editor control panel to alter text formatting. Add an image, hyperlink to a website, embed a video, or insert a table.
  6. Select Notification Option for post.
  7. Click Post Now, a pop up window asks you to confirm post, click Post Now.
    OR, Schedule post to send at a later date, Save Draft, or Preview post. For details on these features, click links to go to other help articles. (Note: If it is after 6:00 pm and you want to send out a same-day post, click 'Send instantly'. Otherwise, digest email and text users will receive the post the following day.)
  8. Confirm that your recipient numbers are correct and click Post Now.

ParentSquare will automatically send you an email if a user comments on your post. You will also receive an Activity Log every 24 hours after the post's creation (if there is activity) to let you know about new sign-ups and RSVPs.